Supporting Feedback Processes at Scale with OnTask [*]ΒΆ

The aim of this session is to explore and identify connections between the data obtained from a learning scenario, and the creation of personalized actions to support the experience for all learners. The goals of the session are:

  • Identify student support actions driven by data to deploy them in real time.
  • Express the connection between data and actions in a formalism suitable to produce personalized support actions at scale.
  • Discuss the deployment of these actions in educational institutions at various levels within the organization.

The session is structured as shown in the following figure:

Block 1: Situate the Tutorial and Inspect the Dataset
This block provides the context by describing the typical elements of learning analytics, their connection with a learning experience, and the description of a concrete scenario for the activities.
Block 2: OnTaks Workflow and Exam Feedback
This block explores the elements of the OnTask platform and, using the given dataset, proposes the creation of a workflow containing the data and one action to provide peronalized messages to students after a mid-semester exam with 10 multiple-choice questions. The activity also proposes various conditions and filters to identify adequate subset of students to send the messages.
Block 3: Running surveys
This block extends the scenario by including data sources obtained either through self-report by the students, or through student observation. It also explores the operation to combine multiple data sources.
Block 4: Institutional adoption
This block presents a discussion about how this methodology could be deployed at the institutional level, how to include these actions as part of a course or a program, the potential hurdles, the potential for impact, etc.

Each block contains a set of activities with objectives, resources and workplan to do during the session. It also includes some extra activities that are more complex and may require additional time. This material will be available beyond the duration of the session.

[*]The material presented in this session is part of the OnTask Project. Support for this activity has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views expressed in this activity do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.