Supporting Feedback Processes at Scale with OnTaskΒΆ

The objective of the tutorial is to explore and identify connections between the data obtained from a learning scenario, and the creation of actions to support the experience for all learners. These actions will provide personalised content to each learner that may range from suggesting resources to addressing more general learning issues.

The attendees will bring their own laptop to connect to a web server that will give them access to a data set and a collection of activities to explore how to manage data and design feedback processes in the context of a course.

The session has the following structure:

  1. Feedback as a process. Describe what is understood by feedback, the challenge to scale it to large number of learners and how data can help to address this challenge.
  2. Creating personalised messages. Using the OnTask platform (see the OnTask Project for additional information) attendees will create personalised with content that depends on a set of indicators available for each learner.
  3. Combining messages with data collection. In this stage attendees will create a framework to combine data available about the learners with self-reported data and use both sources to personalise further the messages.
  4. Institutional adoption. In this stage the attendees will be given information about how this paradigm can be deployed and embraced at the institutional levels. We will discuss issues such as data availability, supporting roles, etc.

We believe that the area of learning analytics could benefit from a more explicit connection between the data collected in learning environments and specific actions supporting all students throughout their experience. The combination of data, a learning design, and the provision of personalized feedback offer the ideal context to explore the requirements derived from the use of learning analytics methods at the institutional level how the relationship among its various elements

The goal of the workshop is to use OnTask and a synthetic data set to allow researchers and practitioners to explore how to articulate this connection between the elements in a data set, a learning design, and actions to support students during the experience. The attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss adoption scenarios of this paradigm at various levels in educational institutions (course, program, overall student experience).

The scenario considered for the tutorial is shown in the following figure:


A learning experience has started and is currently in its sixth week. Learners have been engaging with a set of videos and questions every week. In the last week there was a midterm examination for which some scores have been obtained. During this time learners could interact with other peers and the instructors through the discussion forum.

Tutorial attendees should bring their own laptop with software ready to manipulate data files (at least Microsoft Excel), a recent web browser (Chrome or Firefox) , and feel comfortable handling data sets, zip files, folders, etc.

If you sign up for the tutorial you will be contacted by the organizers to get your email address and open an account in the OnTask server used during the session.

For additional information send email to Abelardo [dot] Pardo [at] unisa [dot] edu [dot] au